Ryan Reynolds And Jake Gyllenhaal Team Up For A Trip To Mars In First ‘Life’ Trailer

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With Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal in a movie together, what could go wrong? Well, according to their new trailer for Life, a lot.

The two actors star in the upcoming space thriller, Life, and the teaser for the movie has us rethinking any ideas we might’ve had about leaving Earth.

In the film, Reynolds and Gyllenhaal are part of a six-member crew on the International Space Station, where they discover that there is evidence of life on Mars. The beginning of the trailer shows life on the space station as the crew laughs and hang out while they are traveling through space.

Things quickly take a turn for the worst when the “harmless life-form” they discover turns out to be dangerous. We know it’s a movie, but if there is one thing we’ve learned from this short clip it’s that you don’t touch things you don’t know anything about!



As another team member is looking closely at the Petri dish with the tiny life-form in it, he reaches his finger near it and it attacks him. Reynolds and Gyllenhaal’s characters try to open the door in their ship to help their friend but the other astronauts hold them back.

We then see a bunch of action shots and clips of the craziness that is going to ensue before Gyllenhaal’s character closes the door on Reynold’s character! Do they all turn on one another? This can’t be good.

Either way, we’re definitely in for the ride!

Life hits theaters on Memorial Day (May 26) 2017