This ‘Jurassic World’ Fan Favorite Won’t Be Returning For The Sequel

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Oh no, we have some bad news for Jurassic World fans, one your favorite characters is not returning for the sequel!

Sadly, Jake Johnson is not coming back for the next film and our hearts are breaking. The New Girl star played Lowery in the first installment and he was one of the best supporting characters. He helped out in the control room and played with plastic dinosaurs, and was pretty much adorkable throughout the movie.

While we know that Johnson’s character did in fact make it out alive in the first movie, according to his Twitter account, he won’t be fighting massive dinosaurs again any time soon.

In fact, after a fan tweeted at him and asked him if he was coming back for Jurassic World 2, he quickly responded and shot down any hopes we might’ve had of seeing him back on the big screen as that character.

“From what I hear Lowery will not be in JW2,” he responded on October 28. While this isn’t a definite no, if the actor hasn’t gotten the green-light from the studio then it’s highly unlikely he’ll make an appearance.

The good news is that Lowery wasn’t killed off at the end of Jurassic World, so perhaps he will return in another spinoff movie later on? Maybe, just maybe, we will see his dorky charm back in action with Chris Pratt’s dinosaur training character, Owen, someday. Fingers crossed!

Until then we’ll just have to focus on Pratt’s return to dinosaur land, which will hopefully feature a lot of close-ups of his handsome face. What, like you weren’t thinking the same thing?

Jurassic World 2 is set to hit theaters in June 2018

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