Taylor Swift Has Written A New Song — But There’s One Tiny Catch

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/FilmMagic)
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Taylor Swift may not be releasing an album this year, but that doesn’t mean she’s shying away from the studio. In fact, the 1989 singer has written a new song. The only catch? It’s not for her!

Little Big Town crooner Karen Fairchild recently confirmed that Swift penned the country group’s latest single, “Better Man.”

According to Vulture, Fairchild explained during a recent Facebook Live Q&A that the band promised Swift they weren’t “gonna blab” about her involvement with the track — at least not right away.

“For all the people that we told little white lies to, we didn’t really lie,” continued Fairchild. “We said a young girl from Nashville, Tennessee, wrote it. That was the truth.”

True to their word, the band even kept Swift’s involvement secret from their own label. That’s some second level dedication if you ask us, but it’s wonderful to hear that the group was so true to their word!

Now that Little Big Town has let us in on their big secret, we can totally hear Swift’s signature storytelling coming through in the lyrics for the bittersweet ballad!