Netflix’s New ‘Series Of Unfortunate Events’ Teaser Introduces Neil Patrick Harris As Scary Count Olaf

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Netflix has just released the latest teaser for A Series of Unfortunate Events and it gives us our very first look at Neil Patrick Harris in all his Count Olaf glory!

The Baudelaire children may have just lost their parents in a terrible fire, but it’s clear from the start of the trailer that they’re about to have bigger problems on their hands.

The new teaser for Netflix’ adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s hit children’s series does a great job of setting up what’s ahead for Klaus (Louis Hynes), Violet (Malina Weissman), and baby Sunny as they find themselves in the clutches of an incredibly sinister man.

Count Olaf may have some of the adults fooled, but it’s clear the Baudelaire children aren’t buying their new guardian’s act.

“Something strange is going on— did you see the tattoo on his ankle? He’s in disguise and he’s trying to take us away,” says one of the children at one point.

We don’t get a good look at Harris in character until just before the trailer ends, but rest assured that it’s definitely worth the wait! With his impeccable costume, and some incredible prosthetics, Harris’ version of Count Olaf looks as though he’s leapt right off the pages of Snicket’s novels and into our screens.

As the children lament over the vile nature of their new guardian, Olaf utters one incredibly foreboding line before the trailer wraps up: “You haven’t the faintest idea…”



Overall, it looks as though A Series of Unfortunate Events will be incredibly true to the books. We’ll definitely be putting this one on our Netflix queue and eagerly awaiting it’s premiere!

All eight episodes of the first season of A Series of Unfortunate Events are set to be available to stream via Netflix beginning Friday, Jan. 13.