‘Stranger Things’ Fan Theory Connecting The Series To ‘The Mist’ Will Blow Your Mind

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Stranger Things may be steeped in nostalgia, but a new fan theory linking the hit Netflix series to a classic Stephen King tale might just be our favorite connection yet!

The fan theory, proposed Reddit user thisshortennough, suggests that Stranger Things is actually a prequel to none other than the film adaptation of King’s The Mist.

For those of you who need a bit of a refresher, The Mist centers around members of a small town who suddenly find themselves having to survive a strange mist that has swept over their city after a sever thunderstorm. The stakes are raised after the group realize the mist is actually concealing deadly monsters they must fend off if they want to survive.

Right off the bat, we’re sure you can see a few similarities between The Mist and Stranger Things, but thisshortennough takes it one step further. In the theory, the fan points out that the timelines for both stories line up. Additionally, both the Demigorgon and the monsters in the Mist are byproducts of a government organization.

As cool as these connections are, the key to the whole theory actually lies with Will Byers and the slugs we see him throwing up at the end of season 1. In fact, the Reddit user suggests that those slugs Will throws up are what eventually grow up to be the very monsters terrorizing the world in The Mist.

“The Mist also takes place in a town on the edge of a lake, and given that Will thinks spitting slugs down the drain is a decent way to take care of the problem, it is possible that they have managed to survive and force their way into a cleaner water supply,” wrote the fan.

We’re not sure if the Duffer Brothers actually took notes from King’s story, but either way, we’re totally seeing some weight to this particular fan theory!

Stranger Things season 2 is set to premiere on Netflix sometime next year.

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