‘Wizards Of Waverly’ Place Creator Finally Reveals Secret Sub Station Menu, And It’s Full Of (Delicious) Surprises

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Calling all Wizards of Waverly Place fans, boy do we have a treat for you!

Last week we shared that the one thing that still bugs us after all these years about the Disney Channel series is that the Russo family somehow never got bored by eating at their restaurant.

Luckily, the show’s creator and executive producer, Todd J. Greenwald, has responded to our pet peeve by releasing an exclusive look at what the menu really included.

Keep in mind these menu items were just for family and friends, so all the random strangers that came into the Waverly Sub Station were still chowing down on sandwich after sandwich, which wouldn’t be a bad thing, but could definitely get boring.


“An exclusive pic of the secret menu only avail to family and friends. Now who wants to see a series prequel??” Greenwald tweeted with three photos of the Waverly Sub Station menu on Saturday.




While we do recognize the Waverly Sub Station logo on the menu, what’s inside the family and friend list is pretty surprising. For starters there is a lot of seafood for the Russo clan to enjoy, which we didn’t see coming.

There’s hot peppered shrimp, fried oysters, baked red snapper and jambalaya on the dinner menu, which all screams New Orleans inspired grub, not New York City, but we like the Russo’s fancy style, either way.




The New York style food comes in with the New York Strip steak options and the number of food choices offered, which is enough to make anyone happy. Plus, there are numerous soup and salad choices, which is always a good idea.




Greenwald wasn’t the only Wizards of Waverly Place alum to weigh in on our post. Maria Canals-Barrera, who played the mom on the series, took to Twitter to say that her character “cooked dinner at home every night! Off camera.”


We’ll take your word for it Maria!

Now, getting to the “prequel” part of Greenwald’s tweet… yes, we do want a prequel and we need to know how can we make it happen! Could you imagine life before the Russo wizards were living in Manhattan? Maybe it would be an origin story, or it could be a sequel and show the kids grown up with their own magical businesses. Either way, we’re totally on board for more WOWP.

What do you think about another Wizards of Waverly Place installment? And which menu item would you try first?

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