‘Zoey 101’ Stars Reunite For Mystery Project

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One of our favorite things about the Zoey 101 is that despite the years that have gone by since the series ended, the actors still appear to be great friends!

In fact, over the weekend, two of the show’s stars teased that they’ve actually teamed up to create something new together!

As MTV pointed out, Sean Flynn, who played Chase, and Matthew Underwood, who played Logan, took to Instagram to share that they’ve been busy in the studio together out in Downtown Miami.



“Somebody’s in the studio with me filming this weekend. Recognize him?” wrote Underwood in the caption of a photo which featured him and Flynn taking a break from whatever they’re cooking up.

That wasn’t the only update they gave fans. Underwood took to Instagram yet again the next day to show that some things clearly haven’t changed much since the duo’s days at Pacific Coast Academy.


“You’d all be pleased to know— clearly we haven’t changed much. Day 2 in the studio,” wrote Underwood in the caption of a short video that showed the friends having a bit of fun.

Unfortunately, neither Underwood nor Flynn have clued us in to what they could possibly be working on, but we’ll definitely be keeping tabs on their new project in the mean time. Here’s hoping they let us in on whatever it could be soon!

(H/T: MTV)