Keke Palmer Would ‘Absolutely’ Want To Do A ‘True Jackson, VP’ Reunion (Interview)

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ūüé∂Working at a grown up job,¬†I never really thought I could work this hard ,¬†Used to sit at home and watch TV ,¬†Now I’m in the office as a new VPūüé∂

The theme song for Nickelodeon’s¬†True Jackson, VP,¬†a 2008 series about a 15-year-old girl who’s hired as¬†the new VP of a fashion company, is forever tucked away in our memory, but one look¬†at Keke Palmer‘s never-ending list of accomplishments makes it difficult¬†to believe she ever sang about not being able to “work this hard.”

The actress/singer/dancer/social media¬†queen starred in Fox’s Grease Live! earlier this year, finished filming her new movie¬†Pimp¬†in New York a few months ago, and is now back in LA continuing her work on the currently-airing second season of¬†Scream Queens.¬†Oh, and did we mention that she also dropped her new visual EP¬†Lauren¬†(her given first name) a few days ago? Because she did.

There’s a sea¬†of Keke Palmer content out there, yet¬†we still¬†find ourselves thinking about¬†True Jackson, VP ‚ÄĒ that’s especially true today (Nov.¬†8), as it’s the 8th anniversary of the show’s premiere. With that in mind, when we caught up with the singer herself at the Island Life NYC concert last September, we *had* to ask her whether she’d be up for a TJVP¬†reunion.

Palmer responded with what¬†everyone was hoping for: “Absolutely!”

You said what now?! Yeah, you read that right.

True Jackson was such a great time in my life” Palmer continued. “One of the coolest things I’d ever done. And also I had such an amazing cast. I loved Ashley [Argota] and Matt [Shively] and all those people on the show have a very special place in my heart. So, if there ever was a True Jackson reunion idea, little mini movie, absolutely.”

While True Jackson herself is completely¬†on board with a reunion movie, she does have¬†one stipulation. As she and her fans have done some growing up over the last eight years,¬†she says she “would probably have to edge it up a little bit.” A bit of edge might be exactly what¬†Mad Style needs!

It seems the¬†“Reverse Psychology” singer isn’t the only one up to getting the gang back together. Just this past August, a few members of the¬†True Jackson¬†cast hung out, posting proof of the #reTRUEnion to Instagram. Clearly¬†a¬†True Jackson¬†reunion is in style right now. Nickelodeon, it’s¬†time for you to hop on the trend!

Would you like to see a True Jackson, V.P. reunion? Let us know in the comments!