‘Man Of Steel’ Sequel Is In The Works, Amy Adams Confirms

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DC may be busy bringing the likes of Wonder Woman and Justice League to life, but that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about Man of Steel!

In fact, Amy Adams, who plays the strong-willed Lois Lane opposite Henry Cavill’s Superman recently revealed to HeyU Guys that Warner Bros., is currently working on a script for Man of Steel 2.

While promoting her new sci-fi drama, Arrival, Adams revealed that though the studio hasn’t specifically reached out to lay out the plans for Man of Steel 2, she’s aware that they’re currently working on a story for the sequel.

“I know that they’re working on a script and I know it’s in the works,” Adams told HeyU Guys.

It sounds like Adams knows about as much as we do with regards to Man of Steel 2, then again, that’s not surprising considering it sounds like the sequel is in the very early planning stages at the moment.

As Yahoo Movies points out, there’s no expected production start date, or even a tentative release date set for Man of Steel 2. Taking that into account, it’s very likely it’ll be a while before we see Cavill and Adams grace the silver screen as Lois Lane and Clark Kent in another Superman flick.

Even so, it’s exciting to know that Warner Bros., and DC are still committed to continuing the Man of Steel series, and we’ll definitely be looking forward to catching the sequel when it hits theaters somewhere down the line!

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