The New ‘Collateral Beauty’ Trailer Is Will Have You Wiping Away Tears

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A new trailer for Collateral Beauty is finally here and it offers a deeper dive into the heartfelt story starring Will Smith.

On Thursday, Warner Bros. released the second look at their upcoming movie and it’s a lot more intense and moving than we’d anticipated.

Smith plays Howard, a man who has lost his daughter and therefore doesn’t care if he loses anything else in the world. In the first trailer we saw that Howard went to a support group or therapy session for help, but now we’re getting deeper into who he is and what he’s doing for his own therapy.

With the help and guidance of his coworkers, which include Claire, played by Kate Winslet, he’s getting the push to live again, but that’s not all that happens. The second trailer opens with him revealing that he’s ready to try and fix his mind.

In order to deal with his pain and loss, he starts to write letters, but not to people. His letters are to things, including, time, death and love. With the creation of those letters, people appear, giving off a very Scrooge in A Christmas Carol vibe and trust us, it’ll give you chills.



As the trailer continues, Howard begins interacting with these people, who only he can see, and starts to learn that he needs to talk things out in order to move forward, especially with Love (Aimee Moore), who is played by Keira Knightley.

“Just be sure to notice the collateral beauty, it’s the profound connection to everything,” his friend, Madeleine (played by Naomie Harris) says towards the end of the teaser, and yes it gave us chills.

Howard must deal with his letters and the idea of love, death and time, in order to fully live again, and despite the fact that his loss is so great, this trailer makes us think Collateral Beauty is going to be the feel-good movie of the holiday season.

Collateral Beauty hits theaters on December 16.