‘Harry Potter’ Star Doesn’t Hold Back On Professor Umbridge: ‘I Think She’s A ‘Bloody Monster’

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Lord Voldemort may strike fear into the hearts of witches and wizards everywhere, but if there’s one Harry Potter characters fans detest more than He Who Must Not Be Named, it’s Hogwarts’ old Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher, Dolores Jane Umbridge.

If your eye is twitching at the mere thought of Professor Umbridge, rest easy knowing you’re not alone in thinking she’s completely terrible. In fact, even actress Imelda Staunton, who perfectly brings Umbridge to life in the films, thinks her character is utterly vile.

Staunton recently sat down for a chat with EW’s Binge Podcast where she opened up about playing one of the most hated characters in the Harry Potter universe.

“I think she’s a bloody monster and to be played as such,” Staunton told the podcast. “I don’t need to understand what she does, but from a character point of view, she believes she’s doing the absolute best for that school.”

Staunton brings up an incredible point with her analysis of the character.

Despite the fact that Umbridge looks harmless with her pink ensembles and her ridiculous obsession with cats, it soon becomes apparent that the Ministry of Magic employee is more dangerous than Harry, Ron and Hermione ever thought possible.

It doesn’t take long for Umbridge to show her true colors, and when she does, Harry and his friends are subjected to brutal detentions, insane educational decrees, and much, much more. But the craziest part of all is that like Staunton touched on, she really does think she’s taking the best course of action for the students of Hogwarts.

It’s that thinking that makes her one of the most dangerous villains in Harry Potter, and also among the most memorable!

As much as we love to hate Umbridge, we guess we have to thank her. After all, if it wasn’t for her and her dangerous actions, Harry and his friends never would have had the courage to rise up, fight back, and create Dumbledore’s Army!