Darren Criss Developing Music Series For FOX That Could Be The Perfect ‘Glee’ Follow Up

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Get excited, Gleeks! Darren Criss is coming back to TV with his own series, well if all goes according to plan that is.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Criss wants to take viewers behind the scenes of the music industry  in a new series for FOX, which pretty much sounds like the Glee follow-up we’ve been waiting for.

The 29-year-old actor is reportedly going to star and co-executive produce FOX’s series, Royalties, which is comedy about the music workplace. Entertainment Weekly reports that the series is currently in development, and it is set to show the unsung and usually passed by parts that go into making a pop star famous.

Royalties would follow the producers and songwriters who are responsible for churning out hits and making artists big stars, but it won’t be glamorous and sexy, instead it will be about the day to day responsibilities that these people have to deal with, but with jokes and music added in.

The publication explained that the series will focus on a small publishing company, called Royalty Music, and their task to make a former one-hit wonder singer relevant again. Sounds interesting, right?

If the series does get picked up, and fingers crossed that it does, the Broadway star and former Gleek will return to TV both on and off screen.

We’re thinking of it as a grown-up Glee, where you see what it actually takes to make musical dreams come true, while laughing at the office drama and outrageous things that can happen in the music world.

What do you think about the proposed series, Royalties? Would you watch it?