7 Things ‘Mean Girls’ Actually Got Right About High School

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Mean Girls may have stretched the truth at times when it came to depicting high school life, but the cult classic movie also got a lot of things right about what it can be like to navigate the the high school halls — and drama — for teens.

Yes, we love the quotes, the characters and the fact that on Wednesdays, the Plastics wear pink, but what we like most of all is that there are some great topics that the movie touches upon that are actually so realistic about high school life. See what they are below.

1. Lunch Table Seating

Technically, you can sit wherever you want in a school cafeteria, but that doesn’t mean you would. At most schools, there ends up being an unwritten rule about who sits where. It’s not even mean, it’s just what happens when a group sits somewhere and then continues to do so, day after day. Jocks do sit together a lot of the time as do drama kids or choir girls. The unofficial seating arrangements aren’t as as cutthroat as the movie, but they do happen.

2. The Plastics Are At All Schools

Though not every school has a Plastic as ruthless as Regina George roaming the halls, mean girls and boys exist. Kids can sometimes be really mean, even if it’s not on purpose. Luckily, you don’t have to be mean back, so maybe mean girls and boys will eventually be gone for good… someday.

3. School Assemblies Can Be Boring

While it’s highly unlikely you’ve ever had to attend a girl workshop in the form of a school assembly, like the movie does after the Burn Book is released, sometimes there are school assemblies that seem to drag on forever. Plus, they can be boring, or uncomfortable, like the scene before the trust falls begins in the flick.

4. Cady Failing Math Is Very Familiar

Okay we know some of you out there are mathematical geniuses, but for most students flunking a test or two is just part of getting through four years of high school. While Cady only failed because she was trying to get Aaron Samuels’ attention – for the record, it’s definitely not a good idea to try and win over a guy by pretending to be stupid – her struggle with math is all too real for some of us.

5. Seeing Your Teacher Outside Of School Is Strange

Even if your teacher is the coolest person ever and you secretly want to grow up and be just like them, seeing any teacher outside of class is weird. Maybe not as strange as seeing Ms. Norbury dressed up in her bartending outfit, but definitely uncomfortable, especially if you’re with your parents and they force you to say hi. Ugh, that’s the worst.

6. Cady’s Outrageous Party Problem

Like it or not, high school parties always seem to end in someone crying, throwing up or getting hurt. It shouldn’t happen, but it does. All the wildness that goes down at Cady’s house party is something that could happen at any party without parental supervision. The unrealistic part happens when Cady is allowed to leave her house after being grounded for the wild party. That would NEVER happen!

7. Hanging Out at the Mall is a Definite Go-to Activity

Whether you get dropped off at the mall by your parents after school or on the weekends, because you’re only a freshman, or you drive with your squad to shop for homecoming dresses, mall outings are a high school staple. Really, what else are you going to do when you’re avoiding studying for finals? Maybe, you’d go to the movies, but most likely you opt for the mall and we get it, between the food court, window shopping and people watching, what’s not to love?


Which Mean Girls moment do you think is the most accurate about high school?