8 Things You Might’ve Missed While Watching ‘Double Teamed’

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Double Teamed is one of the few Disney Channel Original Movies actually based on a true story. The film was inspired by the journey of the Burge twins, who became world-famous professional basketball stars in the ’70s.

The 2002 movie — which stars actress Poppi Monroe as Heather Burge and Annie McElwain as Heidi —  follows the twins as they change schools for a chance at a volleyball scholarship, only to discover there place on the basketball court. Both Heather and Heidi are natural talents when it comes to bball, though Heather is the bigger star and more sports-crazed. Heidi, meanwhile, wants to do drama, but her crazy dad signs her up for basketball as well, and the rest is history.

In addition to the two actresses looking way older than the teenagers they portray in the movie (Monroe was 28 at the time, and McElwain was 20), there are few more things that were a little odd when you re-watch it. See them below:

1. Scrunchie Style

In the beginning of Double Teamed, the girls come down wearing the exact same outfit from their socks to their sweatshirt. What you might’ve missed is that when they are at volleyball practice, they have different colored scrunchies. Heather is wearing red, while Heidi is wearing white. A small difference, but a difference nonetheless. PS: They wear the same scrunchie colors all movie-long.

2. Tandem Bike

Okay, this one even we missed the first time around. When the twins leave practice in Redondo Beach, California they ride bikes by the beach. Let us rephrase that, they rode one bike, tandem, with matching white helmets. Now that’s dedication to being a twin!

3. Gilmore Girls Star

Besides Heather and Heidi there was another key character in the film, Nicky, who was a total mean girl. She was number one on the basketball team before the twins came to school and she hated not being number one. What you might’ve forgotten is that the sassy character was played by Gilmore Girls star Teal Redmann. She played – you guessed it – another mean girl, Louise, at Chilton, where Rory Gilmore when to high school.

4. Rainbow Beaded Bedroom

While the movie was set in the ’80s, Heidi’s room décor was SO ’90s. She even had butterfly, rainbow beads hanging from the door outside her room, so if anyone tried to walk in or out they’d get tangled or make noise. It was so stylish, don’t you think?

5. Valet Parking Party

When Nicky throws her blow-out bash, she actually has valet in her driveway. That’s insane! We totally forgot about the valet at the party and the fact that she had an indoor pool, too.

6. Address Mistake

After Heidi got questioned about where the girls lived, she made up an address, which was awkward. Nicky then researched the location to prove she was lying. She called out Heather at practice (before Heidi was on the team), and said that she drove by her house and it was a Winchell’s donut place! Living in a donut place wouldn’t be the worst, but it was a detail we clearly overlooked back in the early ’00s.

7. For Sale

If you blinked you would’ve missed the fact that after getting caught for not relocating earlier, the Burge family left their house before it was even sold. They packed up all their things and moved to Sandy Shores when their house first put up the “for sale” sign, which must be why they lived in a not-so-nice apartment area.

8. Once Second Best, Always Second Best

We know the rivalry was an important part of this basketball movie, but Heather made it known that Heidi wasn’t as good as her at, well, anything, way more times than we can count. She always pointed out that Heidi was younger (by like a minute), she wasn’t as good at sports, and she would always be second best. It was actually really hard to watch her say it over and over again.

What was your favorite part about Double Teamed?