‘Fantastic Beasts’ Producer On Casting Young Dumbledore: ‘You Want To Capture That Twinkle’

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When it comes to Harry Potter, there’s no denying Albus Dumbledore is among one of the most iconic wizards in the series. Soon, fans will get a taste of what the beloved headmaster was up to long before Harry’s journey began.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them may have found their Grindelwald in Johnny Depp, but finding the right actor to fill Dumbledore’s shoes will undoubtedly present its own set of challenges. The good news is, producers aren’t taking the job lightly!

Vulture recently caught up with Potter and Fantastic Beasts producer David Heyman, who opened up about what traits they’re looking for when it comes to casting the right man for the job.

According to Heyman, they’re not necessarily seeking out someone who resembles the actors who portrayed Dumbledore in the Potter films, so much as someone who captures the essence of the great wizard.

“You want to capture the twinkle. You want to capture the wisdom, and the experience. But you also want to capture the mischief. Also, the man has demons. He’s not the same person we might imagine him to be. There are a lot of other sides to him,” explained Heyman. “What we want is to find someone who is a great actor, who will be a worthy adversary.”

We love that Heyman’s already referring to Dumbledore’s demons. As Potter fans know, the late Hogwarts headmaster struggled a lot with the steady decline of his relationship with Grindelwald.

As fans, it’ll definitely be interesting to see how all of Dumbledore’s conflicting emotions when it comes to Grindelwald manifest themselves into the version of the headmaster we’ll meet in Fantastic Beasts.

Most of all, we’re excited to see who Heyman, Rowling, and the rest of the team pick to portray this version of Dumbledore on the big screen.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them opens in theaters on Nov. 18.