Here’s Where The Cast Of ‘A Walk To Remember’ Is Now

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Nicholas Sparks has given us many wonderful love stories, but there is something about A Walk to Remember that just shoots it to the top of the list. Maybe it’s the fact that Mandy Moore (Jamie Sullivan) sings in it or because the love story between Landon (Shane West) and Jamie is so unique. Either way it’s one of the most memorable romances of all time and a definite tearjerker.

Because this 2002 movie was so brilliant and can – and should – be watched over and over again, it got us thinking about the cast and what they’re up to these days.

To see what everyone, including the actors who played Landon’s jerk friends are doing now, keep reading.

Mandy Moore (Jamie Sullivan)

What hasn’t Mandy Moore done since she won over our hearts and made us cry a million times in A Walk to Remember? In addition to making a big name for herself in the acting world, the 32-year-old actress managed to churn out three new albums after 2002. Movie-wise, Moore starred in hits like Saved! and Because I Said So. She also voiced the Disney princess Rapunzel in Tangled. If that isn’t enough awesomeness to tide you over, Moore has been on a LOT of TV series, including guest starring on Grey’s Anatomy and starring on Red Band Society. Currently, she’s killing it as the mom on NBC’s breakout hit drama, This Is Us.

Shane West (Landon Carter)

Ah, Shane West was so dreamy as Landon, the bad boy-turned-good who fell in love with his polar opposite and then was so romantic that our hearts almost burst as we watched him court her. The Louisiana native might’ve been a perfect movie star in the romance film, but overall his career has catered more towards TV and we’re not mad about it. He starred on ER for five seasons after finishing his stint on Once and Again the same year A Walk to Remember premiered. Then, in 2010 he landed the role of Michael on The CW’s Nikita. He is currently on Salem, playing John Alden.

Peter Coyote (Reverend Sullivan)

Peter Coyote was an actor way before he played Jamie’s strict father in the 2002 flick. Since the movie wrapped, Coyote has done so much that it’s hard to sum it all up. He’s been in movies like Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave, All Roads Lead Home, Girl on the Edge and Americana. In the TV world, he’s starred on The Inside, The 4400, Law & Order: LA, and most recently, The Spoils Before Dying. The 75-year-old actor is also an author, publishing two memoirs, Sleeping Where I Fall and The Rainman’s Third Cure!

Daryl Hannah (Cynthia Carter)

Daryl Hannah has been slaying it in the movie world since the ’80s. In A Walk to Remember, Hannah played Landon’s wise and free-spirited mother, who was always ready to give advice to her rebellious son. After that movie, Hannah continued to pursue a career in acting, focusing mainly on movie roles. Some of her biggest hits were, Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, as well as The Poet and Awaken. The 55-year-old actress is currently working on three new film projects.

Clayne Crawford (Dean)

One of his very first roles in Hollywood, Clayne Crawford played Landon’s stubborn best friend Dean in A Walk To Remember. Since then his career has blossomed with movies like Steel City, The Baytown Outlaws and Warrior Road. The Alabama native’s biggest hits however, have been in the TV realm. He’s been on 24, The Glades, Rogue and Rectify. The 38-year-old actor is currently starring on Fox’s new hit cop drama, Lethal Weapon, alongside Damon Wayans.

Al Thompson (Eric)

Al Thompson played another one of Landon’s best friends, Eric, who came around the quickest to show his support when Jamie was sick, so we don’t dislike his character as much as the rest of the guys. Career-wise, Thompson has done a little bit of everything starring in films like Love Don’t Cost a Thing and Lenox Avenue. He’s also been on a variety of TV shows including, Lenox Avenue (the TV series) and The Cleveland Show. Thompson has also on occasion stepped behind the camera as a producer, director and writer. His main focus in those areas was on Tilt-A-World and again Lenox Avenue. Talk about a busy guy.

Lauren German (Belinda)

Remember Landon’s mean girl, ex-girlfriend, Belinda? Well, Lauren German played the cute, but rude blonde high schooler, and she pretty much nailed it. The California native has been focused on TV for the majority of her career, except for starring in movies like A Walk to Remember and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The actress has had recurring roles on series including Happy Town and Hawaii Five-O. German’s most iconic role however, was playing Leslie Shay on Chicago Fire before leaving the series in 2015 and landing her newest role as Chloe Decker on Lucifer.

What was your favorite moment from A Walk to Remember? Who was your favorite character?