Instagram Has Announced A Change That Everyone Will Be Excited About

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Instagram just got even better!

Late last week, the company announced via a blog post that there are three new features coming to Instagram and all them are pretty great.

First up, Boomerang is finally a part of Instagram. Instead of having to make a mini, moving picture in the Boomerang app, it will now be an option within the Instagram app and we are very excited.

“A new format picker under the record button lets you select ‘Boomerang’ mode,” Instagram’s blog announced on Thursday. “Tap record and the camera will stitch together a burst of photos into a mini video that plays forward and backward. Then share it to your story.”

The second addition is that Instagram stories will have a “mention” feature. This feature will allow users to mention other people in their stories using the “@ “sign and then the desired username. Now you will know if one of your friends actually wants you to see their story and you won’t waste any more time clicking through random stories to find something good.

For the final update, users will now be able to add “See More” links to the bottom of any stories, which will be beneficial for companies and independent users alike.

“From your favorite chefs’ recipes to articles from top journalists or concert dates from the musicians you love, tap ‘See More’ or swipe up to view the link right inside the app,” the company wrote on their own Instagram account.

Seriously, there is so much goodness available when you update your photo-based app that we don’t know what to be most excited about first. What new Instagram change are you wanting to try ASAP?