‘Reel Steel’ Director Says It’s Really Hard To Come Up With A Sequel

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Reel Steel was a big hit at the box office, but fans might not want to hold their breath when it comes to looking forward to a sequel.

Director and producer Shawn Levy was recently on hand at a special screening of the film put on by Collider where he opened up about the possibility of a follow-up movie. It turns out, Levy’s got a pretty good reason as to why we may never see one.

While Levy admits that the studio started working on a sequel “six months before the movie came out,” they had to put it on hold. It turns out, figuring out a clever way to continue the Reel Steel story is a bit tricker than you might think.

“The simple truth, the most concise truth I can express, is that it proved, and it has proven, really hard to come up with a sequel that doesn’t feel like a re-hash of the first movie,” explained Levy via Collider.

As much as we’d love to see a Reel Steel 2, we’ve got to hand it to Levy and the rest of his team for not wanting to simply serve up a rehash of the first film.

Even so, we’re hoping that one day, they’ll come up with a plot that will work well enough to merit a sequel. Until then, we’ll just have to settle for rewatching Reel Steel!