Joe Jonas Explains Why Making Music With DNCE Is Such A Blast

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Joe Jonas may have loved the time he spent with the Jonas Brothers in his younger years, but there’s one huge reason why he’s having a blast creating infectiously catchy music with his band DNCE as an adult.

In a recent interview with Client Magazine, Jonas revealed that one of the best things about being older is that as musicians, he and DNCE have an incredible amount of creative control over the music they make.

“We have 1000 percent control. Everything we come up with. We collaborate and try to come up with fun ideas. And when we’re live, we let loose and come up with a full show that’s the best version of ourselves,” Jonas told the magazine.

It’s clear that creative control hasn’t steered the band wrong yet. The quartet’s last two singles, “Cake By The Ocean,” and “Toothbrush,” have both seen tremendous success.

Up next, the band is looking ahead to the release of their highly anticipated self-titled debut album, which drops this week. We’re sure we can’t be the only ones who just can’t wait to get our hands on some new tunes by our new favorite pop-rock band!

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DNCE’s debut album drops Friday, Nov. 18.