‘Monster Trucks’ Trailer: Lucas Till’s Ride Is A New Kind Of Transformer

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We finally have another look at Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies’ upcoming film, Monster Trucks, and it looks pretty entertaining.

Starring CBS’ MacGyver star  Lucas Till, the trailer begins with Tripp’s character going to check on his green monster truck when he hears a noise out in the junk yard. As he grabs a tool to protect himself he sees a creature, which is both creepy, and lovable.

Of course Tripp names the creature Creech, which for some reason makes us love this monster that much more.


The teaser shows that when trouble comes to town and bad guys threaten Tripp, he simply jumps into his car, which Creech lives in — because he’s a monster who loves trucks, duh — and rides off.

As he drives with Creech under the carriage of his green truck, it transforms into a literal monster truck with Creech using his monster tendrils to scale buildings and fight off anything that comes their way.

There is clearly an instant bond between Creech and Tripp, who take selfies together, fight for one another and care for each other. It’s meant to be an action film, but there are definitely sentimental undertones that we are totally on board with in this film.

The movie also stars Suburgatory actress, Jane Levy as Meredith and Rob Lowe.

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Monster Trucks hits theaters January 13, 2017