The ‘Cars 3’ Teaser Is Finally Here, And Things Are Not Looking Good For Lightening McQueen

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Lights, camera, race cars!

On Monday, Disney/Pixar released its first look at the upcoming Cars 3 film and it’s not what we expected at all.

The teaser is very short, so short that it will definitely leave you wanting more. The good news is that racing is involved, so, yay.

The trailer begins with race cars driving super-fast around a track, which gets gives us so many good feels and flashback vibes to when Lightening McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) first raced into our lives back in 2006.

As the cars are taking the corner, you hear the announcer at the track say, “McQueen is fading, fading fast,” and it all goes downhill from there.



Moments later you see a crash involving McQueen and then the screen goes black. When it picks back up, the candy-apple red car is tumbling in slow motion and its parts are breaking off as it’s clear this crash is serious.

“From this moment, everything will change,” the screen reads before going black again.

What does this mean? Will McQueen be okay? Will he ever race again? Where is Mater and Sally? They have to be at the race cheering him on, right?

All of these questions and so many more are running through our heads right now, but they’ll have to wait until this summer to be answered.

Seriously Disney/Pixar, why would you let this happen to our favorite racer? Why?

Cars 3 hits theaters summer 2017 and we cannot wait to see it and finally have all of our burning questions answered once and for all.