8 Most Interesting Jobs Held By Disney TV Parents

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Disney Channel TV shows may be all about the kids, but the parents also matter. We’ve been taking a look back at some of the biggest Disney Channel hits and focusing on the parents that shaped our favorite characters and what we found is pretty interesting.

For starters, there are a lot of awesome parents that are almost as good as the lead characters. What we noticed most is that there are a decent group of parents that had some totally random and very interesting jobs along the way. Check out the craziest and most impressive jobs of your favorite Disney Channel parents below.

Oscar Proud — The Proud Family

The Proud Family was an outrageous show and as the head of the Proud family, Oscar was definitely one of its wilder characters. Oscar was the owner of Proud Snacks, which created bizarre snacks that would make anyone who ate them sick. It is great to work in the food industry, but to make snacks that your family doesn’t eat is so weird. One time his daughter Penny ate the snacks and she became a superhero – what?!

Carey Martin – The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Zack and Cody’s mom probably had the coolest job of all TV parents but it was still a bit odd. Carey was a hotel singer, which was great, but the fact that she then lived in the hotel with her twins is random and seems totally unlikely.

Dr. Anne & James Possible – Kim Possible

Kim Possible was a rock star, okay she was actually a cheerleader who saved the world, but she was so impressive that she could’ve also been a rock star. On Kim Possible, all eyes were definitely on Kim (voiced by Christy Carlson Romano), but her parents were also very accomplished, which is most likely why she could save the world and deal with high school drama with ease. Her mom, Dr. Anne Possible was a neurosurgeon, which means she saved the world in a whole other way, by saving people’s lives. The only downside to her being a neurosurgeon was that she would answer Kim’s calls in the middle of surgery, which was totally unprofessional.

Kim’s dad was also a cool guy with a great job. James Timothy Possible was a rocket scientist which is the coolest scientist you could ever be. He was unafraid of everything and stood up to Dr. Drakken and wouldn’t tell him top-secret information. These two were clearly the most impressive parents on a cartoon.

Beans’ Elusive Parents – Even Stevens

While we never really see Beans’ parents and they don’t care at all that he is always at the Stevens’ residence on Even Stevens, in one episode it is revealed that they are exterminators, which is so random. On “Close Encounters of the Beans Kind,” Louis and Twitty watch a TV show all about aliens and they start to think that Beans could be an alien, which let’s be honest he totally could’ve. When they sneak around his house they see what looks like giant extraterrestrials, but Beans later reveals his parents are exterminators and those were their fumigation suits. The twist? At the end they start talking alien again, so we never really know if Beans was lying or not.

Bob Duncan – Good Luck Charlie

Okay, so Bob’s day job on Good Luck Charlie was totally normal, but he had a very different on-the-side job that we had to mention. From day to day, Bob worked at his own business, Bob’s Bugs Be Gone, but he later became an ordained minister, which is definitely outside the box and funny. Bob was a total dad throughout the series, so when he became a minister, even if it was an online one, we couldn’t get on board with it.

Lloyd Diffy – Phil of the Future

The 2004 to 2006 series Phil of the Future was hilarious and out of this world, so Lloyd’s Earth job just didn’t match his personality. While his job as a Pozotronic engineer at WizardCorp in 2121 made total sense for his nerdy and quirky persona in the year 2004 he became a Mantis hardware store worker, which was too boring if you asked us.

Victor Baxter – Cory in the House

Cory in the House was a great premise for a TV show, bringing one of the best characters on That’s So Raven, to the White House, but Cory’s dad as the President’s head chef just doesn’t make sense. Victor was way too dorky and all over the place to be a chef for the President. He would’ve been terrible at that job, just terrible.

Jerry & Theresa Russo – Wizards of Waverly Place

While owning a Sub Shop (Waverly Sub Station) isn’t that odd or really all that interesting, it was strange that the Russo’s all worked there and were supposed to make all their money in one place, when their friends never paid! Plus, we still think they should’ve used their magic more (at least Jerry, since Theresa wasn’t magical) do have a more inventive job or food options at the sandwich shop.

What Disney Channel character’s job was your favorite?