10 Things You Never Knew About ‘Gilmore Girls’

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Start the coffee, bust out the pop tarts, and grab all your Gilmore Girls-loving friends! The highly anticipated premiere of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is almost here, and we’re sure we’re not the only ones looking forward to returning to the world of Stars Hollow!

If you’re anything like us, you’re counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds we’ve got left to go until all four mini-Gilmore movies hit the streaming service. And if you’re looking for something to do in the mean time, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve scoured the internet for some of the most interesting facts about Amy Sherman-Palladino’s beloved series sure to please even the biggest of Gilmore Girls fans. So settle in, read on, and brush up on your Gilmore trivia while you wait!

1. Gilmore Girls was inspired by a trip to Washington, Connecticut.
Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino revealed in an interview with Desert News back in 2001 that she and her husband were driving through Connecticut on their way to New York when inspiration struck.

“We’re driving by, and people are slowing down saying, ‘Excuse me, where is the pumpkin patch?’ And everything is green and people are out, and they’re talking,” recalled Palladino. “We went to a diner and everyone knew each other and someone got up and they walked behind the counter and they got their own coffee because the waitress was busy, and I’m like, ‘Is this out of centra casting? Who staged this thing for me?’”

Anyone up for a road trip to the town that inspired Stars Hollow? It definitely sounds like a place all Gilmore Girls fans need to visit!

2. Luke Danes was almost a woman named Daisy.
It’s hard to imagine Stars Hollow without Luke, but it turns out, there was almost a version of Gilmore Girls in which everyone’s favorite surly diner owner didn’t exist.

According to Vanity Fair, showrunner Amy-Sherman Palladino originally intended for Luke to be a woman named Dasiy. It turns out we have none other than The WB to thank for the last minute gender-bend.

“[The network] came to me and said we need another guy, so I literally just took a character and chanced the name,” explained Palladino. “Didn’t even change any of the dialogue because I’m that lazy.”

3. Amy Sherman-Palladino ‘had to fight’ to cast Melissa McCarthy.
We can’t imagine Melissa McCarthy having a hard time getting cast in anything, but it turns out the funny girl almost didn’t get the part of Lorelei’s bestie, Sookie St. James.

When the cast of Gilmore Girls hit ATX last summer, Palladino revealed that casting McCarthy in the role is something she had to fight the network for.

“It wasn’t that people didn’t like her, but she was a different energy,” said the showrunner according to TV Line. “It was just like, ‘I need someone who’s funny and can really act.’ Just funny doesn’t get me anything, because I need her to be able to cry and be heartbroken and be in a relationship, so it was a tricky sell. It took a while.”

We’re definitely glad Palladino put her foot down on this one!

4. One of Rory’s boyfriends almost got their own spinoff.
It’s safe to say that the residents of Stars Hollow have a love-hate relationship when it comes to Jess Mariano, but the same can’t be said for the Gilmore Girls fandom. The WB was clearly tuned in to the fact that Jess has always been a fan favorite— in fact, the network even toyed with the idea of giving Rory’s old flame his own spinoff.

Season 3’s “Here Comes The Son” episode was actually set up to be a backdoor pilot for the proposed spinoff, but unfortunately, the actual spinoff never saw the light of day.

5. Liza Weil originally auditioned for the role of Rory.
Gilmore Girls fans will undoubtedly know Weil as Rory’s brainy arch-nemesis turned best friend, Paris Geller, but it turns out, the actress originally went in to read for the part of Rory herself!

Weil didn’t get the part, but her audition inspired creator Amy Sherman-Palladino to write a story arc especially for her and thus, Paris was born.

“When I first got the material [for Paris], I was really unsettled. I was like, ‘How on earth could they think this is something that is in me at all?’” Weil told Buzzfeed. “I found her intimidating. I love Paris now, and I’ve always loved her, but it was scary to be a judgmental, mean girl.”

6. There were way more than 1,000 yellow daisies on set when Max proposed to Lorelai in season 1.
If there’s one thing we’ll always remember Max Medina for, it’s his impressive proposals. Rory’s former Chilton teacher pops the big question by sending Lorelai 1,000 yellow daisies.

1,000 daisies seems like a lot, but creator Amy Sherman-Palladino quickly discovered when shooting the scene that it actually takes more than a thousand flowers to fill a room.

“When you put a thousand yellow daisies in a big room, like our set, it’s kind of like a table arrangement,” Palladino told EW back in 2014. “Three or four times we had to send people back to get yellow daisies. I think we wiped out yellow daisies on the West Coast.”

7. Lauren Graham’s favorite scenes to shoot were the Friday Night Dinners.
Lorelai and Emily may not have always seen eye to eye during Friday Night Dinners, but those scenes involving conflict were among actress Lauren Graham’s favorites to shoot.

According to CNN, Graham revealed that she loved filming the conflict scenes with Emily actress Kelly Bishop back in 2013 during a Q&A appearance for her novel, Someday, Someday, Maybe.

There’s one thing that wasn’t so pleasant about shooting the scenes however.

“The food was always terrible,” revealed Graham.

8. Amy Sherman-Palladino based the character of Lane off ‘Gilmore Girls’ co-producer, Helen Pai.
In fact, like Lane, Pai also grew up with a very strict mother.

Interestingly, Palladino’s tribute to her longtime friend, and co-producer on the series doesn’t stop there. According to Bustle, Palladino also looked to Pai when it came time to name Lane’s band. In fact, Hep Alien is an anagram for “Helen Pai.”

9. Keiko Agena and John Cabrera learned to play their instruments when Hep Alien was born.
Talk about commitment! Apparently the actors who portrayed Lane and Brian were so dedicated to their on-screen band, that they learned how to play their instruments after Hep Alien was born.

The pair revealed that they learned how to play the drums and bass respectively after the band storyline was introduced into the show in an interview with Huffington Post. As for Todd Lowe, who played Zack, it turns out he could already play guitar.

Despite learning to play instruments, however, musicians off screen provided the main audio for the show’s music scenes.

10. Showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino has had the ending for the series planned since season 1.
There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the last four words of Netflix’s upcoming Gilmore Girls revival, and it’s safe to say it’s totally merited.

In an interview with EW, Palladino revealed that the ending she’ll leave fans with when the curtains close on Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life is the one she’s always envisioned for the show.

“I knew it from the very beginning, I really did,” said Palladino. “And it was only because I knew where I wanted the show as a series to go.”