‘Gilmore Girls’ Fans React To Netflix Revival, A New ‘Rogue One’ Teaser, And More

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Shake off your Thanksgiving overeating with fan reactions to the new Gilmore Girls episodes, a fresh Rogue One commercial, and Tom Hanks being a good sport about a viral photo. That and more in today’s headlines.

1. Gilmore Girls fans had a range of reactions to the revival. Don’t read until you’ve finished the whole thing! [The Huffington Post]

2. A new Rogue One commercial aired for Thanksgiving. Another pop culture blessing to be thankful for. [Entertainment Weekly]

3. The Vampire Chronicles could finally be coming to television. With repeat performances from Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, possibly? [Vanity Fair]

4. Tom Hanks re-created the viral “Bill Murray” picture. The resemblance remains uncanny. [E! Online]

5. Doctor Strange crossed $600M at the global box office. Another predictably successful Marvel project. [Deadline]