John Mayer Has An Emotional Reaction To ‘This Is Us’

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
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This Is Us gained a new fan this weekend — and he’s just as obsessed with the series as the rest of us.

After watching the first episode of the hit drama, John Mayer took to Twitter to say that he was officially “hooked.”

“Just saw the first episode of This is Us and I’m hooked,” Mayer revealed on Twitter on Friday. “Cryin’ and hooked.”

The “Your Body is a Wonderland” didn’t stop there, tweeting even more love for the show.

“Not even wiping away tears for the next episodes. Just gonna let the first ones create tracks for a more even, efficient flow,” he added.


One of the show’s stars, Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca, even reached out to Mayer after she saw the tweet and we are loving their conversation.

“Glad you’re digging it, @JohnMayer,” Moore tweeted, to which Mayer obviously replied.

“Beyond dig, @TheMandyMoore. I’m about to attempt one of the most emotionally reckless stunts ever: watching an episode ON AN AIRPLANE,” Mayer wrote back.


John, we totally feel you, this show is so amazing, but week after week it does emotionally wreck you.

This Is Us has an all-new episode on Tuesday, November 29 at 9 p.m.