‘Supergirl’ Steps Into The Spotlight In Latest CW Superhero Crossover Teaser

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The CW’s epic superhero crossover is just around the corner and to celebrate, the network just released a brand new behind-the-scenes clip where Supergirl takes center stage!

“Its really exciting to have everyone in one place—I think we’re all really proud of our shows,” says Supergirl star Melissa Benoist over a clip of the gang running into battle.

It’s clear that Benoist was incredibly excited at the prospect of being in the same room with stars from Arrow, The Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. In fact, one of the things the actress was most looking forward to was getting to show off her flying skills in front of everyone.

“There were a few really awkward attempts so I did kind of fall on my butt a little bit in front of everyone,” confessed Benoist of the moments occasion. “But it was fun— it was a supportive atmosphere.”


In addition to getting to see Benoist’s attempts at flying in the behind the scenes featurette, the CW also released a short clip where we get to see Kara show off her powers for the first time in front of the rest of the gang.

The clip opens with Barry, Cisco, and Kara teleporting in to a meeting spot where the rest of our favorite heroes are waiting. Despite Barry’s stamp of approval, it’s clear Firestorm isn’t quite convinced of Kara’s abilities.

“What makes her so super?” he asks after Barry introduces her.

The comment prompts Kara to show off not only her flying abilities, but also her laser vision.


Overall, both clips have got us incredibly excited to tune in to the big Supergirl/ Flash/ Arrow/ Legends of Tomorrow crossover event this week!

(H/T: EW)

The CW’s superhero crossover kicks off with Supergirl at 8 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 28.