This Edited Version Of All 8 ‘Harry Potter’ Films Will Make Your Marathons Easier

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There’s nothing like a good old fashioned Harry Potter marathon, but sometimes there’s just not enough time to commit to watching all eight flicks back to back.

For those of us who don’t have 19 and a half hours to spare on the regular, Vimeo user Tim Stiefler has come up with an alternative solution titled Wizardhood.

In Wizardhood, Stiefler has managed to compress the entire Harry Potter film saga down to a cool 90 minutes. That’s pretty impressive considering how much material is jammed into the films! More importantly, Wizardhood is bound to make refreshing yourself on the events of Harry’s journey all the more manageable.

And if you’re wondering about the title of the project, it turns out, it’s got a pretty cool origin story. According to EW, when the time came to name his edited down version of the Harry Potter films, Stiefler drew inspiration from director Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, .

Boyhood took over a decade to film and spans 12 years in the life of a young boy, who, by the end, reaches adulthood. Given that Wizardhood also showcases the journey of Harry, Ron and Hermione from childhood to adulthood, we’d say that’s a pretty fitting title!

Check out Wizardhood for yourself below to see if your favorite moments from the Harry Potter films made the cut!

(H/T EW)