‘Harry Potter’ Star Evanna Lynch Reveals What Luna Lovegood Means To Her

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For  Harry Potter fans, there’s just nothing like cracking open a book and spending some quality time with the likes of Harry, Ron, Hermione — and no one agrees with that sentiment more than Evanna Lynch herself.

The actress, who plays Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films, recently opened up about what playing the quirky Ravenclaw meant to her in the latest episode of EW’s Binge Podcast.

Lynch, who’s always been a huge fan of the books, has been vocal in the past about how seriously she took the job of getting to play Luna Lovegood in the films. What you might not know however, is that Lynch was adamant about making sure her on-screen portrayal of Luna was as true to the books as possible because of how much the fictional character has helped her in the past.

“She’s helped me so much that I felt I just wanted to protect her spirit and preserve her spirit,” explained Lynch on the episode.

Later, the actress went into detail explaining that Luna’s ability to embrace her own individuality, despite what the other students at Hogwarts thought of her, helped Lynch embrace her own insecurities.

“I felt like an odd teenager growing up and I felt like there were a lot of [things] about myself that I wanted to hide, that I wasn’t comfortable with, and every time I would read Luna, I would just feel this enormous relief,” said Lynch. “Here was someone who was so much more odd than I, but who didn’t question it, who just accepted it about herself, and the way she did it, it made it that however she was, she was perfect.”

J.K. Rowling’s books may be full of spells and enchantments, but it’s clear in moments like this that the true magic of Harry Potter lies in the subtle lessons we learn while going on Harry’s journey with him.

As Evanna Lynch pointed out, the importance of embracing your own individuality just like Luna does, is definitely one of the lessons Potter taught us that we’ll always take with us!