Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Enter The Danger Zone In New ‘Passengers’ Clip

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Passengers has released a brand new clip from the film and it’s bound to get your heart racing!

The scene finds James (Chris Pratt) and Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) on the hunt, trying to figure out why the spacecraft that’s transporting thousands of people has suddenly decided to malfunction. There’s no telling if the locked door they come across could be the key to figuring things out, but that’s not going to stop the pair from investigating anyway.

“We’re looking for wrong,” says Aurora, after James discovers the locked door. “Try and open it.”

Eventually, James succeeds, but both get more than they bargained for when Aurora suddenly finds herself sucked into the room and toward a hole in the ground of the ship that’s currently sucking all the air out.

There’s an intense moment where James is holding the door open while trying desperately to figuring out how to save his fellow passenger who’s clinging on for dear life. It’s clear he won’t be able to get to her without the door shutting on them and trapping them both within the room, so instead, he decides to kick the controller toward Aurora and hope for the best.

Just before the clip ends, we see that Aurora manages to grab the device before it crashes into the opposing wall, but we’ll have to wait until the movie comes out to see if and how both passengers find their way out of the sticky situation!

Passengers hits theaters on December 21.