James Corden Makes Jessica Alba, Kate Mara and Ken Jeong Flinch With Outrageous Game

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James Corden’s late night games are getting more and more outrageous.

On Wednesday night’s episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden, the host had Jessica Alba, Kate Mara, and Ken Jeong as his lucky guests and targets.

Instead of making them eat all kinds of disgusting things (which he’s been known to do with celeb guests in the past), these three were a part of Corden’s “Fruit Flinch” game. This game is pretty much what it sounds like and involves flying fruit and trying not to flinch.

Each guest stood behind a glass pane as Corden tried to distract them with random questions. Once he had them semi relaxed, Corden’s face (a machine with his face would do the throwing) would chuck a piece of fruit at the pane and hope for them to flinch — aka lose the game. All three guests flinched and we don’t blame them.

Jeong was the first actor up and Alba decided they should shoot an apple at him. The Dr. Ken actor thought it was very likely that he’d flinch and when Corden asked, “What is it in your life that scares you?” his whole body jumped.

Laughter filled the air as the audience watched the recap, but it just made the two ladies more scared about their turns.


Alba tried to show no fear, asking for the host to shoot an avocado at her because, “I’m Mexican, I like avocados.” Of course, Corden used this fact to distract her while she talked avocados and what she had for breakfast. “I’m still very nervous,” she added after the fruit exploded in front of her.

Mara was very scared from start to finish. She was awkwardly laughing as she tried to focus on something besides the game. “I’m too scared,” she said moments before a tomato hit the glass. Yikes!

Corden later went behind the glass and didn’t move a muscle when the fruit headed straight for him, making him the real winner.

Watch the video above and tell us which of the guests’ reactions to having the fruit thrown at their faces was the funniest.