Jennifer Aniston Has One Big Hang-Up About A ‘Friends’ Reunion

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Friends fans may be clamoring for a reunion of the popular sitcom, but the same can’t be said for Jennifer Aniston.

The actress, who played Rachel Green for the 10 seasons Friends was on air, recently sat down with ITV’s Lorraine where she explained why she doesn’t think a reunion would work for the hit series.

Interestingly, Aniston’s justification as to why a reunion for their show wouldn’t work comes down to logistics.

“I think that period of time was sort of nostalgic. I think why people have such an affection for it is because even though it was only 12 years ago it ended…there was something about a time where our faces weren’t stuffed into cell phones,” explained Aniston, according to E! News. “We weren’t checking Facebooks and Instagrams. We were in a room together, in a coffee shop together. We were talking, having conversations. We have lost that.”

There’s no denying that Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, Ross and Rachel were living in much simpler times, but it is sad to think that the dynamic of our favorite Friends might not have been the same if the show had existed in a time where cell phones and social media reigned supreme.

And as sad as we ware that Aniston doesn’t think a proper reunion would work, it’s comforting to know that Friends will always be there for us in the form of reruns, Netflix marathons, and the occasional cast appearance!