Amy Sherman-Palladino Isn’t Ruling Out More ‘Gilmore Girls’

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Gilmore Girls fans who’ve binged all of the Netflix revival may have finally discovered Amy Sherman-Palladino’s much talked about last four words, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to let go of Rory, Lorelai, and Emily just yet.

If anything, it seems like Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life has left us with even more questions, but the jury’s still out on whether or not we’ll get some of the answers we’re desperately craving in the form of another season.

In a new interview with TV Line‘s Michael Ausiello, Palladino revealed that though Gilmore Girls fans are clamoring for more, she and her husband/fellow executive producer, Dan Palladino, aren’t planning another season of the series right now.

“No one is talking about [another revival] right now,” said Palladino, who’s currently busy working on a new pilot for Amazon. “Dan and I have been in a Gilmore cocoon for a year and a half. It’s been very intense. So we’re stepping back now. We’re happy it’s out. We’re happy we talk talk about it.”

The Palladino’s may need a well deserved break from the world of Stars Hollow, but that doesn’t mean they’re ruling out the possibility of checking in on our favorite Gilmores somewhere down the line.

“I don’t rule anything in my life out. When people were talking about a Gilmore movie [after the original series ended] I was always like, ‘That’s not going to happen.’ But I wasn’t going to say no. Because…why say no to anything?” Palladino told TV Line. 

The fate of Gilmore Girls may be up in the air for now, but as long as Amy Sherman-Palladino isn’t saying no, we guess there’s always hope we may get a season two of Year in the Life!

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is available to stream on Netflix now.

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