Jennifer Aniston Calls Out Vanessa Bayer For Her ‘SNL’ Rachel Green Portrayal And It’s Hilarious

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On Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Live, Jennifer Aniston finally came face-to-face with Rachel Green impersonator Vanessa Bayer and the result was hilarious.

Bayer’s version of Rachel from Friends came onto “Weekend Update” to dish on the trend of ’90s reboots, but her interview was interrupted by the real Rachel aka Aniston, who called her pal Bayer out for her impression of the iconic character.

“Oh yeah, you know, the ’90s are great,” Bayer said in her spot-on Rachel voice. “You go to work, you go on dates, you go to cafes with friends and you all sit facing the camera. Yeah!”

Rachel was talking to Colin Jost about the ’90s and burning cookies that Mon wouldn’t approve of when Aniston suddenly appeared and got cheers from the crowd.



“Vanessa, what are you doing?” Aniston asked her Office Christmas Party co-star. “Can you just drop that for a second?” she added when Bayer couldn’t turn off her funny Rachel voice.

Aniston then told Bayer to stop texting her and to move on from Friends. Bayer revealed she only texted her to talk about her great bit that she does of Rachel.

“Is it a great bit though?” Aniston said before going back to her own Rachel voice and adorable inflection. The two went back and forth with their Rachel voices and famous sayings, and we still can’t get enough of it.



“Oh, Ross!” they both said together before Aniston agreed to go get food with Bayer.

“I do not sound like that!” Aniston yelled at the end of the skit as they returned from their Mexican food outing, which Jost was totally perplexed by. Ah, it’s just too good.

Check out the whole sketch above and prepare for Rachel Green overload — in a good way.