The ‘Fast 8’ Trailer Release Date, ‘Scandal’ Casting News, And More

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Put your week into full gear with the promise of a new Fast 8 trailer, a possible Scandal spoiler, and Doctor Strange‘s latest box office triumph. That and more in today’s headlines.

1. The first Fast 8 trailer has a release date. Get ready for some fast cars and muscled guys. [Entertainment Weekly]

2. Scandal casts a character’s real-life daughter in a top-secret role. Is she a hint as to which way the “election” will swing? [TV Line]

3. Doctor Strange has officially done better than Iron Man 2 at the box office. And with critics, assuredly. [ComicBookMovie]

4. There is now an official Harry Potter-themed makeup line. Make your eyes as magical as a perfect Hermione Granger spell. [Seventeen]