‘Fuller House’ Creator Confirms The Olsen Twins Won’t Appear In Season 2

(Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)
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Say it isn’t so! With the premiere of season 2 of Fuller House just around the corner we know you’ve been dying to know if Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are making a cameo this time around, but sadly the answer is still no.

After the first season ended of the Netflix revival of Full House, we made our peace with Michelle Tanner being MIA on the show, but now that the series is gearing up for a second season, fans were hoping for Michelle to stop by.

According to the show’s creator, Jeff Franklin, you won’t see them this season either, but that doesn’t mean it will never happen.

“Well, not in Season 2, but I’m not sure about future seasons. The door is still open and I’m sure we will ask and keep trying,” Franklin told Variety about the Olsen twins guest starring. “Hopefully one of these days, that will happen. It’s something we would all like to see.”

It’s definitely something fans want to see, so fingers crossed that the Olsen twins take a break from their fashion world and come back to TV, even for one episode during season 3!

Franklin explained that while the Olsen girls won’t be appearing this season, there are a few familiar faces from the original series stopping by the Tanner house that you can get excited about instead.

“Gia will make an appearance — Stephanie’s trouble-making friend from her childhood, she’s coming back,” Franklin told the publication. “There is a high school reunion episode where we will see Nelson and Viper and Kathy Santoni again,” he told Variety.

Okay, we know you were hoping for the adorable Michelle Tanner, who would be way older now, btw, but blasts from the past are good too, right?

Sure, Michelle won’t be saying, “You got it dude!” but New Kids on the Block are guest starring on one episode, which we’re not going to lie, we are pretty excited about!

Get your Fuller House fix when Season 2 premieres on Netflix on December 9.