Your First Look At Netflix’s ‘One Day At A Time’ Is Here And It’s Full Of Laughter And Legends

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Netflix is coming at TV hard in the New Year with dramas like A Series of Unfortunate Events, and now it’s introducing a new comedy that we can’t wait to see.

On Wednesday, Netflix released its first trailer for One Day at a Time, which is a blast from the past, with a whole new spin.

The series is a reworking of the ’70s sitcom by Norman Lear, with Lear at the helm again and a whole slew of new actors and one very legendary one as the head of the family.

Westside Story actress Rita Moreno is back on TV, playing Lydia, the mother of the lead, Penelope (played by Justina Machado). This comedy is all about Penelope, a newly single mom, and military veteran who asks her mother for help raising her two kids.

Throughout the trailer you can see the love, laughs and hardships that this Cuban-American family deals with and you’ll definitely fall in love with the whole family.


“Your mom’s kind of mean, I’m obsessed with her,” one of Penelope’s daughter’s friends says as the trailer begins and we totally agree. We are SO obsessed with Penelope and her hardcore rules, but loving demeanor.

“Life can be tough. Life can be sweet. Life can be amazing,” the trailer reads in between jokes about getting into college, sassing ones mother, and racist patients at the doctor’s office Penelope works at.

Our favorite moment is when the whole family sings, “Un-Break My Heart,” in the car together. It’s awesome.

It’s a comedy, but trust us, you’ll be emotionally invested after watching the two-minute trailer.

One Day at a Time hits Netflix on January 6, 2017.