Emma Stone Reveals She Once Auditioned For ‘All That’

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All That may have introduced us to the likes of Amanda Bynes, Jamie Lynn Spears, and more, but it turns out there’s also another very famous star that almost got her start on the hit comedy sketch series.

Emma Stone recently stopped by the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where the La La Land star revealed that she once went to an open casting call for the popular ’90s show.

According to Stone, she and her family drove out from Arizona to attend an open casting call for All That when the actress was 12 years old. Stone may have been excited to attend, but she had no idea what was in store for her when she got to the audition.

“I didn’t know that you had to have characters, so I thought they were going to give us sketches, and then five minutes before I went in the room, they said, ‘You need to have three characters when you come in the room,’” Stone told Fallon.

Getting put on the spot like that might send most people into a panic, but it’s clear that Emma Stone was great under pressure even at the young age of 12. The actress then proceeded to tell Fallon that she came up with a few characters on the spot just before she was called into the room.

“One was a cheerleader that couldn’t spell what she was cheering,” recalled Stone. “And then there was another one that was actually pretty nuts. It was a babysitter that was possessed.”

Unfortunately for Stone, she didn’t end up getting the part, but you definitely won’t want to miss her reenacting her cheerleader and possessed babysitter on The Tonight Show!


(H/T: MTV)