Jamie Chung Is ‘Flattered’ Fans Want To See Her Play Mulan In Disney’s Live-Action Adaptation (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

(Photo by Jerritt Clark/WireImage)
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Since Disney announced it was making a live-action Mulan movie last year, fans have been clamoring to dream cast the role. One name at the top of the list? Jamie Chung, who portrayed the female warrior on ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

When we caught up with Chung at the People’s Choice Awards nominations press conference in Los Angeles last month, she told us that though she’s had a lot of fun playing the character on TV — she doesn’t think she’s the right person to bring Mulan to the big screen.

“I”m so flattered but I feel like I’m a little too old and I can not sing,” said Chung about the 2018 adaptation of the 1998 original musical movie.


More importantly, Chung — who is Korean American — said it would mean a lot if a Chinese actress was selected for the part.

"It's a Chinese folktale so I think it would be great to honor that," said Chung.

While she may have taken herself out of the running to play Mulan in Disney's movie, the actress said she'd be open to bringing the character back to Storybrooke.

"I'd love to go back," said Chung when we asked if we might see her again on Once Upon a Time. "I think they purposefully leave everything open ended in case they need me to pop back in, but I'd love to go back."

In the meantime, fans can catch Chung on Gotham, where she plays journalist Valerie Vale.