Johnny Depp Dressed As Captain Jack Sparrow From ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ To Surprise Patients At A Children’s Hospital

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Johnny Depp is pretty busy these days between Fantastic Beasts and Pirates of the Caribbean, but that doesn’t mean the actor doesn’t have time to spread a little cheer to those who need it most!

Over the weekend, Depp paid a surprise visit to the children at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, where he even stunned hospital works when he showed up dressed in in his his full Captain Jack costume from Pirates of the Caribbean.

According to Yahoo Movies, Depp has personal ties to the hospital because his own daughter was admitted there for kidney failure back in 2007.

As you might expect, Depp’s unannounced visit went over extremely well with everyone at the hospital, and the good news is, quite a few of those in attendance shared some photos online from the surprise visit.

“Johnny Depp surprised ill children at a London hospital by showing up in full Captain Jack costume,” posted Twitter user Martyn Vincent along with a full body shot of Depp roaming the hospital halls.

Meanwhile, Instagram user eithnem posed a fun photo of Depp as Captain Jack showing off one of his long dreadlocks.

“This is actual Johnny Depp. Just came into the hospital. I’m so confused,” wrote the Instagram user.

This is actual Johnny depp. Just came in to the hospital. I'm so confused

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Finally, the Children’s Hospital Foundation posted a fun video of Depp and his swashbuckling friend having some fun with the children they visited.

“I’ve had a fantastic time meeting all the kids and everyone and the parents and the people and all that,” said Depp while still in character at the end of the video. “And I want to salute you— all of you— for your bravery and your courage because that is all that matters.”

Check out the adorable video for yourself below!

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