Lady Gaga Shares Intriguing Teaser For ‘Million Reasons’ Music Video

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Lady Gaga is at it again and we can’t wait to see her latest creation.

The 30-year-old singer tweeted a teaser of her upcoming music video for “Million Reasons” on Tuesday and we’re all ears.

“#MILLIONREASONS video tomorrow, + it starts right where #PerfectIllusion left off. @MTV premiere WORLDWIDE at 3pm ET, @Vevo right after,” Gaga wrote alongside the 16 second video tease.

The teaser begins with the sun beating down on a desert. As the camera pans down from the sun you see Lady Gaga lying on the ground in a black tee.

She is breathing in and out as she puts her hands on her face and through her ponytail. Next we see a caravan of black cars drive up and go off the side of the road before everything goes black.


Ah, we need more Gaga, we need more!

What we do know is this music video picks up where “Perfect Illusion’s” video left off, so it’s going to be a continual story, which is very exciting. That video ended with Gaga partying and then rolling around in the desert.

Plus, we know that what the song is so we’re just going to listen to it on repeat until the video is officially out.

Check out MTV at 3 p.m. ET tomorrow for the world premiere of Gaga’s latest Joanne single and you won’t be disappointed.