Amazon’s ‘Sneaky Pete’ Is Here, And It’s Sneaky Good

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It’s been over a year since Amazon gave Sneaky Pete a series order and now we finally have a premiere date and a trailer for the upcoming series.

On Thursday, Amazon announced that the new drama series will be released on Friday, January 13, so mark those calendars.

Sneaky Pete stars Giovanni Ribisi as Marius, a conman who gets out of jail and assumes the identity of a fellow cellmate in order to hide from debt collectors. It’s a drama, but there is some comedy thrown in for good measure.

The new trailer, also released on Thursday, begins with two little boys running through a pretty, green field as someone reflects on their childhood lovingly in the background.

“That shade of green, it might’ve been the most beautiful thing I’ve seen,” the voice says before the scene switches to Marius in jail telling his annoying cellmate, the real Pete (Ethan Embry) to stop with the story.

Next we see Marius calling his brother to tell him he gets out of jail the next day, but his brother warns him not to come back because they owe a bad guy, played by Brian Cranston, a LOT of money.

“Hey Pete, where’s the farm?” asks as the idea to steal his identity pops into his head.


Throughout the teaser we see Marius continuing his con artist ways as he heads to the farm Pete always talked about, with an old photo from his cell to guide him.

He even pretends to be Pete with his former cellmate’s grandparents as he lives on their land.

“A liar gets caught in a lie, they don’t come clean, they build a bigger lie,” Marius says.

He still owes the money in order to save his brother from the debtors, so he has to scam the fake family he’s been living with, but things don’t look like they’re going as planned.

We can’t wait to watch it all unfold.

(H/T TV Line)

Sneaky Pete hits Amazon on January 13, 2017.