The Latest ‘Boss Baby’ Trailer Breaks Down The Adorable Crisis Facing Babies

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On Thursday, Dreamworks released its second look at the upcoming animated film, The Boss Baby, and all we can say is a baby as a boss is the cutest thing ever.

The Boss Baby is an adaptation of Maria Frazee’s children’s book and we can’t wait to see it brought to life on the big screen.

The adorable and hilarious trailer begins with the movie’s lead, Alec Baldwin, who voices Baby, talking directly to the camera.

“I’m so excited for you really,” Baldwin says as he announces the sneak peek at the new film.

The trailer then introduces fans to the newest member of Templeton family, but the baby isn’t what you’d expect, he’s wearing a suit!

“We babies are having a crisis,” the boss Baby says to his fellow baby friends. “Babies aren’t getting as much love as we used to.”

The reason for this issue is enemy number one: puppies!



The baby’s mission is to take out the puppy population and bring the love back to the babies and it’s adorable.

In the trailer, his older brother finds out that he can talk and then becomes his enemy as he tries to tell their parents that he can talk.

Eventually the kid, Tim, decides to help his baby brother in order to get rid of him. They fake brotherly love and team up to solve the issue of puppies stealing all the love. Oh, and the baby carries a briefcase, naturally.

Check out the latest trailer above.

The Boss Baby hits theaters on March 31. 2017.