New ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Mobile Game Lets You Step Into The Drama Of Rosewood

(Photo by Jamie Trueblood/ABC Family via Getty Images)
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Now you can take Pretty Little Liars with you wherever you go!

Mobile gaming company Episode just announced the release of a brand-new mobile game centered around Pretty Little Liars, and it’s bound to make you feel as though you’re cracking the mysteries of A just like Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Aria.

According to EW, the new game is a “choice driven story where the user can pick various paths throughout, which impact the story’s progression.”

Fans who choose to play the game will undoubtedly feel a sense of deja vu as it starts out just like the series does! When you start the game, you’ll enter the world of Rosewood as a new student at Rosewood High where you’ll quickly meet none other than Alison DiLaurentis. From there, she’ll befriend you and take you to Spencer’s barn on the night of Ali’s strange disappearance— sound familiar?

Ali isn’t the only one of the Liars you’ll meet. As you play, you’ll also interact with Emily, Spencer, Hanna and Aria, but remember, every choice you make as you play will affect what comes next!

It definitely sounds like Episode has created the perfect game for Pretty Little Liars fans and we can’t wait to check it out for ourselves!

The Pretty Little Liars game is available now via the App Store and Google Play.