The ‘Saved By The Bell’ Diner Might Be Coming To A Town Near You!

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Attention, all Saved By the Bell fans: This one’s for you! The series’ famed diner, aka The Max, could be coming to a city near you!

Last May, The Max opened up in Chicago and Saved By the Bell fans all over America were really jealous — ourselves included — but now there’s a chance that you too could dine at the fun diner.

The restaurant concept will be coming to various cities across the country, People reports.

In a special announcement from Mr. Belding himself (Dennis Haskins), the actor revealed that there will be one final semester in Chicago before the restaurant hits the road. Where it goes next is up to you… partially.

“That’s right, preppies, you want The Max in your city? Let us know, ’cause we might just be coming to a city near you,” Haskins says in the video announcement.

You can nominate your city on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tell the restaurant owners and Saved By the Bell alum why you want to have The Max come to you.



We know it’s because you want to try a burger and wait for Zack Morris to make an appearance, and that’s a good enough reason for us. Or maybe you wish you were a Bayside High student and want to relive those high school glory days? Either way, we’re not judging.

For those of you in Chicago you have one last chance to see the famous diner in the Windy City. It will be there from January 6 through the end of May, so grab your high school BFFs and make a trip to The Max.

Tickets for Chicago go on sale one week from today, so mark those calendars!

(H/T People)