The New ‘Twin Peaks’ Teaser Is… Interesting

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On Sunday, we finally got a glimpse of the Twin Peaks revival coming to Showtime, but it doesn’t really give us any details about the new show.

What we do know is that there will be 37 returning cast members as reported by Vulture, out of the original 217 cast members, which is very exciting.

With the debut of the first teaser, we were hoping for an update on the strange town and interesting characters, but instead we got what looks like an ad for doughnuts.

In the 32-second video, we see that David Lynch is returning to Twin Peaks as FBI chief Gordon Cole, which is awesome, but he doesn’t say anything!

Instead, the character sits at the police station eating a doughnut. What kind you might ask? Well, a glazed, circle doughnut. Is that relevant to the plot? Probably not, but we thought you should know.



You can also see someone in the right corner of the screen drinking coffee. All you see is their hand, so maybe the next teaser will reveal which character likes coffee? Maybe?

In addition to Lynch’s character chowing down in the teaser, we get to see the memorable town sign. “Welcome to Twin Peaks,” the pretty town sign reads. “Population 51,201.”

Next, the screen goes dark and “The return,” scrolls across the background. “Coming 2017,” it reads at the end.

Wow Showtime, you’re really keeping us in the dark on this revival and we’re oddly okay with it. The good news is a lot of your favorites are coming back. The bad news is they might just be drinking coffee and eating doughnuts.

Twin Peaks the revival premieres in 2017 on Showtime.