The ‘The Emoji Movie’ Teaser Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

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Emojis are coming to a theater near you!

On Monday, Sony Pictures Animation released its first trailer for The Emoji Movie and it’s pretty funny.

The teaser is actually meant to be viewed on a phone, for best quality, and is therefore shaped like you are viewing it on your smart phone.

It begins with a phone screen before clicking through to a hilarious looking emoji character, who has a comb over and tiny legs and arms.

“Hello, as you can see I’m an emoji. A meh to be exact,” the yellow emoji, who is anything but the smiley face emoji, says at the beginning of the teaser.

The teaser is then this meh emoji announcing the first emoji movie with a lackluster amount of enthusiasm, because he is meh, not smiley face or anything excited.


You then see an ice cream cone emoji complaining about management and the annoying lights saying “it’s such a load of…” before we you see the poop emoji. The poop emoji sassily tells the ice cream cone to finish that sentence and we can’t help but laugh.

“I’m positively euphoric right now,” meh adds at the end sealing the deal of being funny while being cynical.

An extended trailer is set to be released on Wednesday, but from this mobile version it’s clear that emojis are as sassy and opinionated as the people who use them for texting.

For all you emoji lovers out there, you will see the secret world inside your smart phone when this movie comes to theaters this summer. The only issue is you’ll have to actually look up from your phone to enjoy it — we know it’s a crazy thought, but you can do it!

The Emoji Movie hits theaters on August 4, 2017 and we are unicorn, rainbow, heart eyes about it.