‘Jimmy Neutron’ Creator Reveals Spinoff Idea, And We’re So On Board With It

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All hail, Jimmy Neutron… Boy Genius!

Can you believe that Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius the movie first hit theaters fifteen years ago today? Boy, how time flies.

To celebrate the cartoon film, MTV News sat down with its creator, John A. Davis, to talk all-things James Issac Neutron aka the smartest and coolest kid in town, who also went to space and fought aliens.

Davis revealed that he actually used the idea for the unaired pilot episode of the TV series he pitched — which became a series the year after the movie debuted — to write the movie we all know and love.

The childhood favorite managed to mix science, smarts, and technology into a kid’s movie that didn’t seem lame or uncool in anyway. He fought the Yolkians, had a robot dog named Goddard, and still had time to eat junk food with his friends. He was basically the younger, male version of Kim Possible, expect he didn’t always fight bad guys.

The creator also explained that he does have an idea for a possible reboot or spinoff of the original series and movie and we’re all ears.

According to MTV News, the spinoff would involve time travel so fans could “get a sense of who Jimmy and his pals would eventually become — similar to that ‘All Growed Up’ episode of Rugrats.”

Time travel? Jimmy Neutron? Kind of like Rugrats? Sign us up!

Come on Nickelodeon, you’re already reviving Hey Arnold! for a movie, why not another season of Jimmy Neutron as well? It would be awesome.

Plus, then we could hear the fun character with his giant head and hair say, “Gotta blast” on the regular, which would be pretty great.

What do you think about a Jimmy Neutron revival?