‘The Crash’ Producer Compares The Movie To ‘The Italian Job’ But With Hackers

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Just when you thought your money was secure, The Crash is here to make you second guess everything.

The upcoming movie follows a team of white collar criminals — led by Frank Grillo — who are enlisted to help the federal government after a cyber terrorist group threatens to bankrupt America.

“This movie is about letting the audience decide if their money is actually safe in the banks,” says producer Atit Shah, who described the upcoming thriller as “The Italian Job but with hackers.”

In the trailer for The Crash, which debuted via Yahoo Movies on Friday (Dec. 9), we learn that the film’s protagonist Guy Clifton (Grillo) is facing “multiple charges” for hacking the stock market.

After a terrorist group attacks the New York stock exchange backup, however, the government needs Guy’s expertise to stop the hack from going global.

To help save the nation, Guy assembles a team, which is made up of John Leguizamo, Ed Westwick and Dianna Agron. The film also features Minnie Driver, AnnaSophia Robb, Mary McCormack, Maggie Q, and Christopher McDonald. Talk about an impressive slate!

Shah said working with the cast was a dream.

“There was just so much talent on the set that sometimes it was hard to know who to pay attention to and who to admire,” said Shah. “You just ended up being wowed at the fact that you were even present.”



Throughout the trailer we see the issues that are arising with the hacks, including cities all over the world being attacked financially, and a possible conspiracy theory.

The money is no longer safe in the banks in the United States and it’s going to take the team of hackers to fix it… ideally.

At the end of teaser Guy says, “This is about so much more than just money,” which leaves us wanting more!

Written and directed by Aram Rappaport and produced by Aaron Becker, Atit Shah and Hillary Shor, The Crash hits theaters on January 13, 2017.