Zach Braff Is Totally On Board For A ‘Scrubs’ Revival On Netflix

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Is Zach Braff ready to Scrub back in? Sure sounds like it!

During an IMDB Q&A on Twitter last week, the Scrubs star said that he’s open to a reboot of the medical comedy.

“You never know about making more Scrubs episodes, it’s something we all talk about, especially now that all these people are going back and doing Netflix versions of their shows,” Braff revealed in the Q&A via Huffington Post.

Do you hear that Netflix? You should get in touch with the Scrubs’ lead ASAP. Then, we could get more bromance moments between Dr. John “J.D.” Dorian and Dr. Christopher Turk and all would be right in the world.

Braff hinted that the recent Netflix revivals of The Gilmore Girls and Full House have made him want a Scrubs reboot even more.

“I am very jealous of all this Gilmore Girls attention and Full House,” he said.

The 41-year-old actor ended the Scrubs topic on a very happy note.

“We talk about it every now and then. So, you never know, it could happen,” Braff said. “I’d do it.”

Here’s hoping Braff’s gung-ho attitude is for real and that someone — we’re looking at you Netflix — puts a revival into motion soon.

Oh, and of course we’d need to see Donald Faison return as Turk, because with would J.D. be without his BFF?