5 Things You Never Knew About ‘Captain America: Civil War’

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Captain America: Civil War is a People’s Choice Awards 2017 nominee for “Favorite Movie.” Check out all of our Surprising Facts features on the “Favorite Movie” nominees here!

With Captain America: Civil War, fans finally got to see what happens when Cap and Iron Man go toe-to-toe in one of the most epic superhero face-offs in history.

The film, which pegged all of our favorite Avengers on opposite sides of a moral issue, debuted to rave reviews from fans, making it an instant hit at the box office!

If anything, the last Captain America film has got us even more excited to see what Marvel has in store for the next Avengers flick.

Unfortunately, we’ve still got a bit of a wait before Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters. In the meantime, we thought it’d be fun to brush up on some interesting Captain America: Civil War trivia.

We’ve scoured the internet to bring you five fun facts about the film. Check them out below!

1. It’s Marvel’s best opening for a non-Avengers film.
Fans came out in droves to see Captain America: Civil War and the box office numbers certainly reflect that!

In fact, with a domestic box office opening weekend of $181.8 million, it’s officially got the best opening numbers for a non-Avengers film.

2. There’s a mini Arrested Development reference embedded into the film.
The Russo brothers may be synonymous with Captain America these days, but long before that, they were working on Arrested Development. It seems as though they might have figured out a way to pay subtle tribute to the popular series as well!

As NME points out, there’s a moment the huge Team Cap vs. Team Iron Man fight scene where you can see the Bluth’s stair car from the TV show hiding just behind Cap and Ant Man.

3. It took over two hours in the make up chair for Paul Bettany to transform into Vision every time he was on set.
Bettany’s character in the film is perhaps the only superhero who doesn’t simply change into a costume before filming his scenes. In fact, the actor revealed on Good Morning America that it takes about “two and a quarter hours” for him to transform into Vision.

“You can’t really sweat, it’s pretty uncomfortable,” said Bettany.

4. The Wasp was almost included in the film.
Marvel fans haven’t met The Wasp yet, but after Ant Man, it’s clear that everyone’s incredibly excited to see what Evangeline Lilly does with the part. It turns out, there was a time when the Russo brothers contemplated adding her into the mix during that epic airport battle scene. Unfortunately, according to ComicBook.com, her role was cut from the script before they even had a chance to shoot the scene for time purposes.

5. Chadwick Boseman used a dialect coach to help him come up with his accent for Black Panther.
As fans of the comics know, T’Challa hails from the fictional African nation of Wakanda, but even so, it was important for Boseman to come up with an accent that felt “rooted in reality.”

“We looked at specific people from Kenya, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone— which is actually where my ancestors are from,” said Boseman to the LA Times with regards to how they came up for his accent for the film. “I wanted to use whatever would inspire me for certain sounds.”

Captain America: Civil War is nominated for Favorite Movie at People’s Choice Awards 2017 alongside Zootopia, Deadpool, Finding Dory, and Suicide Squad. Tune in to the show on Wednesday, Jan. 18 on CBS to find out which movie wins!